Lixar necbusinesssolutions


We connect to our work in Mobile – Big Data – Design and Cloud convergence.

We connect to the teams we work with, the company culture we value, the community we are a part of, the innovative efforts we express, and the thoughtful and opened-minded points of view we share and encourage.

We appreciate thinking outside the box because quite frankly life is too short to think inside it. By being open, we gravitate to new, faster, more efficient innovative technologies that help our partners stay ahead of the curve not behind it. We are a company of smart, cool and kind souls who take the extra step to make each-other’s lives easier.

We believe in doing the right thing whether on the world stage by supporting impoverished children or in the lunch room by simply holding the door. We connect at work and at play. We love music and the joy it gives the soul.

We support emerging artists through our Lixar Presents shows because everyone deserves the right to achieve their goals and live with purpose.

We also believe that you should have an opportunity to work on really cool innovative projects that inspire you to grow and achieve

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