Working International is a company of dedicated Kiwis and migrants from all over the globe based in central Auckland. Despite our mixed backgrounds, we share one thing in common, and that’s a passion for connecting people across the globe and helping relocation dreams become a reality.

How did it all start?

Working International first opened its doors in 1998 by launching a magazine called Working In New Zealand aimed at Kiwis returning to New Zealand.

After publishing magazines and websites for people moving to Australia and Canada – we launched our first international jobs event in 2001.

Working In today

Today, with 18 years of experience under our belt, we are still doing what we love. You can find a job in New Zealand, Australia and Canada on our job boards, get news about jobs and moving on our social media pages and read out blogs.

And – we still run the best emigration and international jobs event in the UK.

Our events are set up to help people who are looking to move overseas for new life and job opportunities. Essentially, they exist to simplify every part of this process for you. We aim to make shifting your life overseas less daunting by increasing your confidence through the opportunity to meet employers from your specific industry and gain access to information about visas, what’s going on in the job market in your field, and other practicalities about moving.

Our Expos are supported by our website at which brings you information on migrating, visas and finding jobs online. You can also access and apply for unique jobs online in your chosen destination country.

Kia ora

We look forward to helping you with your move.

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