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Our Upcoming Migration Expos & Recruitment Events:

London, UK Saturday 20 - Sunday 21 September 2014

Moving to Australia, Canada or New Zealand can become a reality at the Working International Expo in London. Our flagship event, it's got a great range of employers and experts who can help you every step of the way.  Read More See the Jobs

London, UK Working International Expo Saturday 20 - Sunday 21 September 2014
Dublin, Ireland Wednesday 24 September 2014

After the incredible success of March’s expo, the Working International Expo is coming back to Dublin to help you move, live and work in Australia, Canada or New Zealand. Meet all the experts, plus leading international employers, and plan your move.  Read More See the Jobs

Dublin, Ireland Working International Expo Wednesday 24 September 2014
Manchester, UK Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 September 2014

For anyone wanting to move, work and live in Australia, Canada or New Zealand, there’s only one place to be: the Working International Expo. Back in Manchester, receive all the advice you need from a wide range of moving experts and employers.  Read More See the Jobs

Manchester, UK Working International Expo Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 September 2014

The countdown begins to the events that can change your life...

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What you’ll get out of our expos

Visiting a Working International Expo is often the first step for people thinking about moving, living and working in Australia, Canada or New Zealand. The biggest and best of their kind, you'll meet a huge range of leading international employers plus all the experts who can help you make the move - visa specialists, shipping companies, banks and more. Your new life starts at the Working International Expo.

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A few facts about our expos

  • They run in the UK, Ireland and South Africa, plus special events in carefully selected locations around the world
  • We welcomed over 50,000 visitors to our expos in 2013 alone
  • In 2013, 100 international exhibitors (including employers, State and Federal governments, and world-leading service providers) from eight countries participated in our expos
  • They’re one-stop shops crammed full of information and advice about making the move overseas

Visitor's Feedback

Darvinder Bhamara, Leeds

"It’s worth coming – gives ideas on where to start. Good for people who have made up their mind to do it."